A 5th was stung next day off the trail. The night sky was amazing with so many stars! Accessing the trailhead is also a bit tricky, if you want to go from end to end. We checked in at the Willingdon Beach campground in Powell River. After a couple of days of hiking, we were looking forward to some greasy food and beer! If you'd describe yourself as an avid fisherman, you really should check out this area during sport fishing season! SUNSHINE COAST TRAIL TRIP, B.C. Sunshine Coast Trail overview, tours, guide list, itinerary, gear list, photo gallery, climbers, climbing costs and trip reports From Sarah Point I shall epart at 9 am and hike for about 3 hours till I reach Wednesday Lake at noon. Highlighting expansive coastal and mountain vistas, meandering through old-growth rainforest and dotted with trailside huts, the 180-km Sunshine Coast Trail is a world-class hiking route just a half-day trip from downtown Vancouver. For hiking guides, trip planning, maps, and more, visit sunshinecoast-trail.com The Sunshine Coast Trail stretches from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound, across Powell River, and all the way down to Saltery Bay. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. As always, all opinions are our own. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This Sunshine Coast Trail guided tour is a new coastal hiking trip on the Sunshine Coast of BC. On my backpacking trip of the Lost Coast Trail we decided to hike the trail from South-to-North, but only one way. Trip Report. The weather was perfect the entire week, with only a few showers on the first day. Troubridge is the highest point of the Sunshine Coast Trail. My trail Welcome to the naturally refreshing Sunshine Coast From coastal day trips to gourmet foodie tours, road trips are the best way to discover all the hidden gems on the Sunshine Coast. was atypically hot and humid. Amanita. Here we enjoyed our last panoramic views of the lakes around Powell River, signs of … The manly men checked to see if they were strong enough for the escape … by trying to do a chin-up with full pack. I shall fill up my 4 liter platypus water tank at the lake because there is no water on where I shall be camping on the Day 4: August 19, 2018, km 50.6 to 74.1 (23.5 km), 11h (including breaks) In Queensland parks, everyone from advanced competitors to beginners and families, can find a trail to suit their needs. And morning stiffness, of course. We completed the official BC Cold doesn’t worry me. If you want to start your trip at Fiddlehead Landing and access that area then you’ll need a boat ride out of Powell River. Planning the same route for mid July this year. Sunshine Coast Trail is a 94.9 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Powell River A, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate. In May late 2009, I lead a group of 6 experienced hikers from the Northern entrance to the Southern exit along California's Lost Coast trail on the Mendocino coast. 🙂. The previous report covered Sarah Point (km 0) to Powell River Bridge (km 50.6) This report covers Powell River Bridge (km 50.6) to the campground at Suicide Creek (km 127.0). Canad a. Yep, we hiked 180 km, up and down small mountains, carrying everything on our backs. We took the local bus from the airport to town, although it was close enough that we could have walked. This part of the trail hugs the coast for a while then heads inland. sunshine coast activity log | embed map of Sunshine Coast mountain bike trails | sunshine coast mountain biking points of interest subscribe add to favorites 3d map donate to earn trail karma! Mt. Thank you BC Ale Trail and Sunshine Coast BC for sponsoring this trip and post. We picked up a few things we couldn’t fly with (camp fuel, matches) at Powell River Outdoors, then went to our motel, Island View Lodge. Accessible only by ferry or air, you will experience quiet beaches, cedar forests, hiking trails and much more. (Max 150 words). But the main reasons were HEAT, mosquitoes and the fact that 4/11 people were stung by wasps. 🙂. Like any big adventure, we had some highs and some lows, but overall we had a great time, and would totally recommend this trail. 11 Reviews . That, combined with the fact that it was hot, sunny, and fully exposed, made me really happy to be sitting at a pub with a cold beer by 2:30pm. The other end of the trail brings you to the Saltery Bay ferry terminal. Email info@wanderung.ca. It was dark when we went to hang the food. Mosquitoes and wasps were a real pest. Not wet but not dry, moisture in soil. "As against the 3 hours on the signs at the car park .the first 500 approx metres are an easy steady climb on a wide track." Click here for a larger version. Weather on the sunshine coast. As we were jet lagged we only The pond itself was kind of murky, with lots of mud and lily pads. You need at least 3 litres / person on this dry section of the Trail. road conditions, washouts etc. Submit trip report: Tell us about recent Wanderung trips. Excellent description of the Hike, very well written with excellent photos. Experience 180 kilometers of hiking adventure on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Up to this point, the trail had been very well marked, with frequent signs and rarely any question as to where to go. 180km of backcountry trails linking pockets of old-growth forest with hidden lakes, untouched creeks, picturesque waterfalls & panoramic mountain views. Here's a hastily-written email trip report, for your enjoyment. Take that, West Coast Trail! ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using … Troubridge, at 1300m, is the highest point on the Sunshine Coast Trail. Is this feasible? Clouds collect over a jumbled low tide boulder landscape. road conditions, washouts etc. There are currently 14 huts along the trail that are “first-come, first-sleep”. (Max 150 words). click for larger version. After some breakfast and packing up, we resumed our hike. The first section of the 180km Sunshine Coast Trail. It provides hikers with the opportunity to experience Powell River’s breathtaking back country with its rich fauna and flora. Australia's Sunshine Coast is delightfully low on tourists, boasts reasonably warm winters, and offers both beaches and mountains - ideal for a road trip from Brisbane to Noosa. Our spiritual leader Bill Wallace and his doppelgänger consulted the guidebook, brochure map and some local day hikers to calculate the best route. The plane to Powell River was the smallest plane either of us had ever been on (Beechraft 1900c), very fun! Most of those were taken by Warren Long. The Strait of Georgia Seaplane Tour from Nanaimo. I’d hate to do it in rough seas. Nestled along the Sunshine Coast, this 180-kilometre trail winds from the ocean up through the backcountry of Powell River, taking hikers on a scenic journey through amazing landscapes. From Rainy Day Lake you can trace your next-day’s ascent along the ridge line to the summit. The trail association recommends hiking from north to south, so that you can enjoy the hike without passing too many people, which means starting at Sarah Point. But we pushed on, and camped at what we think was Appleton Creek campsite (it wasn’t marked). We stopped for a brief rest and look around at Rieveley Pond Hut, which looked like a great place to stay. Some of our high resolution photos on flickr. It quickly became evident our large group, starting late in the day, would never make it to our intended destination – camping at Wednesday lake. The conditions were extremely wet and culminated in some flash flooding. Rodents quickly pounced on my  dinner pot (salmon) once I set it on the ground. Canada 7-14 AUGUST 2020: 170km multi day trail event self-sufficient style REGISTER on: www.lifewithoutacar.com or www.teamglobetrailers.com Location Southern British Columbia. But this really did set the pace for the rest of the trip. Sunshine Coast Trail. Yep, we hiked 180 km, up and down small mountains, carrying everything on our backs. We stopped for another swim at Shangri-La (it’s amazing how refreshing a swim can be if you haven’t showered in a while), but otherwise kept chugging along. Our team was strong and worked together well. Submit trip report: Tell us about recent Wanderung trips. The Sunshine Coast Trail is about 180 linear km,  based in Powell River (British Columbia), which is approximately 150 km north of Vancouver. From the drop-off point, it was a short walk downhill to the actual trailhead. Trail’s End self-catered pet friendly, waterfront cottage/cabins are centrally located on the central Sunshine Coast and close to many of the Sunshine Coast’s activities: hiking, fishing, world class scuba diving, kayaking, SUP We needed this refreshing break as the climb up to the Manzanita bluff was particularly gruelling. Pestered by wasps and other biting insects on those two earlier trips, I deliberately returned late season. I ended up bringing a 13lb pack and was glad for it because I really … Instead we dropped down to a disused campsite at Cochrane Bay. Good to know the trail is more challenging than made out to be. "If you want a good workout in a beautiful natural surrounding, and want to see gorgeous views of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland then I would highly recommend tackling this walk. 6-1 2 September 201 8 (on trail 7-11th Sep) 180km multi day trail event in self-sufficient style Location Southern coast of British Columbia. In contrast to the previous night, we were all by ourselves. Plan Your Trip Trip ideas Whether it's a day trip, a long weekend or a week-long family holiday, you'll find a selection of fantastic drives, journeys and itineraries to help you make the most of your time on your Sunshine Coast getaway. But be prepared for wasps. Trip report: Sunshine Coast Trail, part 2, Trip report: Sunshine Coast Trail, part 2, Trip report: Sunshine Coast Trail, part 3, Trip report: Sunshine Coast Trail, part 1. For privacy, we decided to set up our tent, overlooking a lovely sunset over the Salish Sea, then headed for bed. Sunshine Coast Council does it’s best to maintain current information but things can change so always be aware that a trail may not be as listed in this guide, and report and issues via our feedback link. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As part of our trip preparation, we learned how to make dehydrated food to bring with us, food that is light, easy to rehydrate, with enough calories to sustain us, and also tasty. We were going to quit the SCT and exit to Lund. Despite the first paragraph, the Sunshine Coast Trail is a backpacker's mecca; if you want to try a rainforest hike I would highly recommend it! The Sunshine Coast Trail traverses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal shorelines, along creeks and lakes, through old growth forests to panoramic mountaintops. Next: Trip report: Sunshine Coast Trail, part 2, Your email address will not be published. SUNSHINE COAST TRAIL If you are planning a trip to Powell River to hike part or all of the Sunshine Coast trail, rest assured Powell River Outdoors has the gear you will need, if you want to pack light. This meant we had to leave our car at the Mattole beach trailhead (Northern Trailhead), and get shuttled to Black Sands Beach Trailhead, all of which had to be arranged in advance. A steep, sweaty climb up from the sea  brought us to Wednesday lake where we refilled all our water bottles. Required fields are marked *. But just because it’s being taken care of by volunteers, don’t think that it’s second rate. -Adam. April 28, 2020 by Jeff Pelletier 0 Comments The Sunshine Coast Trail is Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail, just 5 hours North of Vancouver, BC. The trails have been busy and it is thanks to all of you volunteers who continue to steward the trail system so trails remain accessible and safe. Sunshine Coast Trail Powerline Oct 03, 2020 Sunshine Coast Trail Powerline Trail Report Sunshine Coast Trail Powerline All Clear / Green Ideal - Hero dirt! Learn how your comment data is processed. Our 2018 North Coast Trail trip was excellent in a number of ways. Remote wilderness. The trail is lovingly maintained, with plenty of signs, sturdy footbridges, and the most unique aspect:  wooden huts spaced regularly along the trail that can be used for shelter and sleeping. Pre-Trip Planning; Liability Release; Powell River Sea Kayak Website; BLOG; RESERVE NOW. But close to roads and towns, they were pretty much absent. We’d booked a water taxi from Lund to the trailhead at Sarah Point. “The Sunshine Coast Trail is Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail—and the only free one. Required fields are marked *. My trail back Hinterland Harvest Market Share THE WELLNESS MILL BURY & MILL STREETS, NAMBOUR QLD 4559 0416 *** *** Show more Email us View website Facebook A feast of … Why you'll love this trip Being less visited than the neighbouring Vancouver Island and other sections of BC, you’ll feel you’re hitting on something new in Canada. Pingback: cycling/hiking the Sunshine Coast – RickMcCharles.com. Sandy descended the steep, slippery cliff to shore faster than anyone else. What are you waiting for? We’ll be posting about those later, but for now I’ll just talk about the trail. Answer 1 of 7: Hi all- thought it might be useful to let you know how our trip went and also would like thank you all for your very useful advice! besthike Sunshine Coast Trail information page, Your email address will not be published. Likely a lot of frogs, too! This hiking adventure takes you from Km 65 to Km 135 over the Smith Range of BC's Sunshine Coast. Trip report: Sunshine Coast Trail, part 1. From stove fuel to bear spray we will have you covered, so no worries if … Sechelt trails are diverse and widespread. We suffered some foot and knee pain. You need to treat all water on the SCT. The local trail society, led by the trail’s founder Eagle Walz, has worked hard to build … The weather perfect. 9.8K likes. It was an exciting day, because this day would end back in Powell River, and we were planning on having lunch at the Shinglemill Pub! Travel options from here are limited, unless you can just hop on the ferry and go. We were very pleased with Jesse, and would happily recommend him. trip advisor Victoria Club Okay, so perhaps our alpine start was off by about 12 hours. I am thinking of taking a day trip along the sunshine coast from Vancouver. The Sunshine Coast Trail traverses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal shorelines, along creeks and lakes, through old growth forests to panoramic mountaintops. 3 years ago The only advice I can think of is to try and time it so you don't stay in Tin Hat hut on a Friday or Saturday night. It was tougher than we expected. I had a nice flight of beer at the local, Townsite Brewing, which was a great way to kick off the trip, then off to bed early. It’s a unique and beautiful backcountry experience that stretches 180km from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay, along coastal shorelines, through old growth forests, and up to panoramic mountaintops. Jol ted into action by the disappearing old-growth forests of the Upper Sunshine Coast, Eagle Walz and his merry band… I just happened to get a very bad 12 days of weather but I embraced it and kept going. From the pub, it was a short walk back to Island View Lodge, where we had a hot shower (yay!) Related: What are the most popular tours in Sunshine Coast? Thanks Rick for the info. They went straight to bed after dinner and were gone by 6am next morning. cycling/hiking the Sunshine Coast – RickMcCharles.com, hiking Coachella Valley Preserve, Palm Springs CA. Published September 22, 2020 at × in Trip Report – Sunshine Coast Trail – 15-19 Sept 2020. We were still jet-lagged, so we got up pretty early and were on our way. Other than while in Malaspina Provincial Park (at the Sarah Point side of the trail… Click photo to see hundreds more on Flickr. We enjoyed our solitude, nestled in the woods. See all. We were wondering what was the ultimate factor in leaving the trail on the second day? Jesse from Sunshine Coast Shuttle picked us up at the motel and took us near the trailhead, a ride of about an hour. I wasn’t sure how much cell service I’d find along the trail and before I left I received conflicting reports. Forest fire hazy clouded the sky. We used Jesse’s Sunshine Coast Trail shuttle to take us from Powell River to Lund. These would be a problem for him for the first half of the trip. The sunny subtropical climate is ideal for year round activities with summer temperatures averaging 28 C (82F) and winter a mild 20 C (68F). Eleven hikers from flat, dry central Canada – Saskatchewan – met up at Nancy’s bakery in remote Lund, B.C. The service was excellent. start of the Sunshine Coast Trail See the entire official map. Great trip report and pics. Travel on JQ800 from Adelaide to the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore), including a beautiful approach over the coastline while turning for the final approach. The descent from the trail into town was quite steep and rocky, and killed my knees. Early July 2015 the Pacific N.W. Lessons learned on the Sunshine Coast Trail: Two ladies who had done half the Pacific Crest Trail found the long day from Sarah Point to Manzanita hut a serious day. Instead, you need to take a combination of car (or bus) and ferry, or to fly there directly. Please include: trail conditions, snow level etc. Do not underestimate this trail.Â. He also volunteers on the trail, so is a good source of information. Your report will be added to the site. I just finished thru hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail (minus a small flooded section.) The creek was fast moving and the water was quite cold, which felt good on our sore feet. Sunshine Coast – From small towns to large urban centres, BC Transit connects over 51 million customers in communities across the province every year. We flew from Toronto to Vancouver, and then from Vancouver to Powell River. Willingdon Beach Trail was a fascinating history lesson. Our packs felt very heavy at this point. Trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles. Sunshine coast feels like an island getaway. Canada’s longest hut-to-hut hiking trail. I think most people spent the night at Rieveley Pond Hut, although one group of 3 went further than us. Running low on water, some of the keeners walked about 1.5km down hill to find a stagnant spring. As part of our trip … The trail is well flagged but requires frequent scrambles over, under or around fallen trees. A group of us are planning on doing this over the September long weekend. Downloading of trail gps tracks in kml & gpx formats is enabled for Sunshine Coast. #39 of 89 Nature & Parks in Sunshine Coast "This is a great walk we took two hours to complete the 1and a half hour walk with a few stops to catch breath along the way." Dogs are also able to use this trail … Like Tin Hat, Troubridge has expansive views across the Strait of Georgia to the west, the Lower Sunshine Coast to the south, and into the Coast Mountains to the east and north. The driver arrived promptly with a spacious vehicle and he provided us with helpful updates about the trail. The pit toilet (which we found the next morning) still in working order. Four of our group were stung over 3 days. In the Porpoise Bay area you will find the Hidden Grove and Heritage Forest trails as well as a fantastic downhill trail called Huigis, among others. Our first night was spent at Manzanita Hut, with 10 other people. The Sunshine Coast is a stretch of coastline on the up. Bordered by the snow-covered Coastal Mountains, this protected coastline stretches 105 miles (175 km) along Carried it back up. Getting to Powell River is a bit tricky. Last summer, Mathieu and I thru-hiked the Sunshine Coast Trail. Sunshine Coast trails is a complete guide to trails on the lower Sunshine Coast. Early September should be much better. Highlighting expansive coastal and mountain vistas, meandering through old-growth rainforest and dotted with trailside huts, the 180-km Sunshine Coast Trail is a world-class hiking route just a half-day trip from downtown Vancouver. One thought on “ Trip Report: West Coast Trail ” Gramps says: July 7, 2017 at 3:18 pm Congrats on the great challenge you just completed Brooke! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. Last summer, Mathieu and I thru-hiked the Sunshine Coast Trail. Many have surrounding tent sites nearby, just in case. Not wet but not dry, moisture in soil. We noticed that the campsite at Sliammon Lake (km 40.0) looked much nicer than the one at Appleton Creek, so we regretted not spending the night there. I’d previously hiked two other sections of the (roughly) 180km Sunshine Coast Trail:Sarah Point to Manzanita hut (2015). We stopped for a swim at Wednesday Lake, which was wonderfully refreshing. žã€ãƒ‘ウエル・リバーのWillingdon Beach Trail周辺のダイニングの 2,378 件の口コミ、および投稿された写真 3,504 枚を見る。 The Sunshine Coast Trail 4th Edition: This 180-km route near Powell River, BC, extends from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay. There were some rolling hills, and it was quite hot and sunny. We were wondering what was the ultimate factor in leaving the trail on the second day?-Adam . We had been told that there was no water for the next 11 km, so we rationed ours carefully, but we found water along the way without difficulty. It provides hikers with the opportunity to experience Powell River’s breathtaking backcountry with its rich fauna and flora. Report inappropriate content . Is there cell service along the Sunshine Coast Trail? It is a treat to have tables and fire pit after the wilderness camp of the previous night. Please include: trail conditions, snow level etc. more maps Best Web Pages official website – sunshinecoast-trail.com 10 amazing sights awaiting hikers on the Sunshine Coast Trail in B.C. Weather report for the Sunshine Coast. It is available in paper format at Tourism Powell River. That’s right, it’s totally free, no permits necessary. Text Justin Behan at 1-604-483-6527 to arrange the service. The starting point was not particularly impressive, it was just a tiny sign just like all the other signs on the trail, but oh well. It turned out to be a lovely spot. The photo of tent set up in the loft – was that due to mosquitoes? The Sunshine Coast Trail is one of BC’s newest hiking trails but it is quickly gaining worldwide recognition. We split up some sleeping in their tents, some in their tents in the loft. Middlepoint to Halfmoon Bay Sunshine coast trail (MiddlePoint) All Clear / Green Ideal - Hero dirt! #australia #queensland #sunshine-coast Just in case. We also had a re-supply of food waiting for us, that the people at the lodge kindly let us leave behind on day 1. Fewer people hike the North Coast Trail than the world-famous West Coast Trail. 100's of trails for mountain bikers, hikers and others - all located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our skipper was excellent. Fishing Guides: BC Sunshine Coast Close to the big city but far from the crowds, the Sunshine Coast is a fisherman's paradise. It has huts for shared public use (you don't have to carry a tent), and weaves through o . and a nice bed to sleep in (yay!). But as we approached town, all the signs disappeared. Traveling through beautiful temperate rainforest, this coastal hike climbs up to the top of two peaks, Tin Hat Mountain and Walt Hill. Sunsets on Shuttleworth Bight are worth waiting for! However, Sarah Point can only be accessed via a logging road (4X4 only), or by boat. Arrived Vancouver and stayed in Executive Hotel (see review). Email info@wanderung.ca. There is a water taxi company that will take you there, but we chose to use a 4×4 service called Sunshine Coast Shuttle. Directions to the Sunshine Coast If you’re flying into Australia for a Sunshine Coast surf trip the easiest place to fly into is Brisbane. We ended up exiting after 2 nights walking out from Manzanita hut right back … to the bakery. The total trail is about 180 km long. The rewards of this lesser-known trip are more feelings of solitude and … Since we were flying from Toronto to Vancouver, we decided to continue flying from Vancouver to Powell River. . Trip Reports; Guided Trips; Highlights. It was nothing fancy, but it did the job. That was very much appreciated, and it made a huge difference in our pack weight on this first leg of the hike! Mowat Bay to Lois Main (2016). This map, created in 2012, accurately depicts the Sunshine Coast Trail, and the placement of the huts/camping spots along the trail. Shoot me an email if you'd like to save half an hour finding the start of Tony's Trail; I'd be glad to pass on this knowledge. It turned out to be the best day of the week! Thank you for supporting the brands that make Local Adventurer possible. We continue our trip report from hiking the Sunshine Coast Trail. It was with relief that we arrived at Manzanita hut early in the day. There is an inter-city bus that can take you back to Powell River, but it only comes by once or twice a day, depending on the time of year. Trip Report from the Sunshine Coast Trail (almost) Thru Hike. If you want to get back to Powell River, the local bus is on demand only, and requires 24 hours notice (and let’s face it it’s hard to predict when you are going to arrive at the end of the trail). Yet the scramble up steep, slippery rock to the trailhead was challenging. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The map below shows a closer view of the Fairview section of the SCT. Please don’t forget to record your […] Same initial distance and direction but in 4 days, 3 nights. Arrive at sunshine With the extra time we decided to kayak Desolation Sound. Other options are hitchhiking, or calling a cab. ""This is easily the most physically challenging walk I’ve done on the Coast and I’ve done a … Near the start of the trail, stop at Skookumchuck Bakery for a giant cinnamon bun; they’re soft, ... On your Sunshine Coast road trip, you also have to leave the road, so pack a picnic and explore the region’s waters and inlets. Although it is not far from Vancouver, it is not accessible by road. Hey Rick, Earlier that evening, we swam in the cold ocean with the whales. The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 180 km hut-to-hut hike on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. What are the highlights that we could see/wouldn't want to miss in a day? It was a little frustrating. March 3, 2019 March 8, 2019 Nicole. Our plan was to hike from Sarah Point to Powell River in 5 days, 4 nights. It's popular with locals who drive up within a km of the hut in their 4x4s and party hard all night. The sunset is gorgeous from here. We stopped for lunch at Plummer Creek, and Mathieu also tried to take care of some blisters that were forming. Reply. 6 Replies to “trip report – Sunshine Coast Trail” Adam says: August 24, 2015 at 5:56 pm. Your email address will not be published. Your report will be added to the site. The Sunshine Coast Trail - Day Tours, Powell River: Address, Phone Number, The Sunshine Coast Trail - Day Tours Reviews: 5/5 To go to Sunshine Coast BC you need to take ferry, the ride about 45 minutes. By morning it was decided. The whole trail is 180 kilometers long and stretches the whole length of the northern Sunshine Coast from north of Lund, past Powell River, to the ferry terminal at Saltery Bay. The Sunshine Coast Trail 4th Edition: This 180-km route near Powell River, BC, extends from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay. Your email address will not be published. You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.