Bagged 1964 Chevy C10 with DIY Patina Paint Job. Good luck as this will probably be your only reply as most guys may think your alittle nutty. Remove your toy from its packaging. The Patina Paint Job on this Bagged 1964 Chevy C10 was one of our winter projects. The faux patina look in the color of rust and the blue-green of the natural oxidation that time creates on metal-iron objects is one of the most impressive aging techniques and the simplest way to achieve it is by using only chalk paints. Now that the brown paint is worked into crevices, you’ll need to remove paint from the high points of the frame- like edges and ridges. After years of using painted wood furniture or cabinets, the paint wears off the areas that receive the most contact. Paint that Patinas! Faux rust on metal gives the warmth and texture of actual rust without the messy flaking or damaging oxidation that rust represents. Use your brush to paint little dots in one area. Furnishings that look well-worn and recycled are sometimes preferable to the newest modern style. Spray paint over the recently painted areas of the car using paint that is the existing color of the car, so that it appears the car has not been painted. My end idea was to get an in-process copper aging, not a completely green color. The primer is what helps the metallic paint to stick and will aid in the patina process. Apply The Patina Solution Photo by Lisa Shin While the final coat is still tacky, use the second foam brush to apply the blue patina solution, making sure to wear protective gloves. Let dry for 12 hours or overnight. Patina paint projects are perfect for those who love that aged patina effect.Not everyone loves shiny and new. You could take it home and use it just as-is because it’s in great shape. Rub it in until it fades into the paint and darkens it. Once the paint dries, use a medium-grit sanding to remove the top layer of paint from corners, the edges of doors and the high points of molding or carving. Paint your item with a single coat of paint if you want the bare wood to show through, or use two coats of paint in different colors for a layered paint effect. The base paint contains copper bits, so any item can have this rich look. That, my friends, is faux patina in a nutshell. This will react with a special patina solution to create that patinated look. The painting technique described here can be applied to wood, laminate, or any furniture you want to look aged. Leah James has been a full-time freelance writer and editor since 2008. Spray the object in places letting the paint run in the same or different direction and with a dry brush, a cloth or sponge wipe-apply-erase the paint in places, depending on the color effect you want to achieve. Antique Bronze is used for lighting fixtures, railings, hardware, gates, gift items, basically anywhere steel or iron need to be given a Antique Bronze Look. The good news is there are quite a few ways to achieve the patina look on your own treasures simply by using the right kind of paint and finish. #AbbottsAtHome #Rust #Copper #Bronze #FauxPaint #FauxPatina #WallArt How to Patina Paint with Copper, Bronze, and Iron paints using blue and green patinas. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Wipe the still-wet brown acrylic paint off with a soft, clean paper towel will remove enough acrylic paint from the points and ridges to create this effect: Then, use a clean foam brush to apply the paint to your metal. And oxidizer turns the paint the color of patinated copper. Paint your wood piece with a basecoat of flat or satin paint; satin paint is easier to work with, but flat paint results in an older look. Apply those patina-shades to your copper or bronze base-colored scenery and texture/tint to taste. Step #3 – Apply the Patina Spray to WET Iron Paint. She studied English literature at Lyon College. The Patina Paint Job on this Bagged 1964 Chevy C10 was one of our winter projects. … Once I had the wood box and the buckets sprayed, I let them sit for a couple of hours and came back to find them looking like old, aged copper pieces that were absolutely beautiful! I’m back today to share one of two tutorials I promised in this post I shared last week: “How To Paint Light Fixtures (without taking them down! I love the blue patina look and I had a great vision in my head for this. Learn how to create faux verdigris…the easy way! display: none !important; For a more faint – discreet effect of the blue color, spray a small amount of water on the paint and then wipe it – spread it in places with the sponge. five  ×   =  thirty .hide-if-no-js { You can add as little or as much as you like. Rat rods like this one can even combine modern and vintage cues while the "barn find" movement relies on originality and dust to connect the vehicle to it's history. Great guide for picking the look you want before buying. Patina comes in many forms. Depending on the look your after, any paint brand and/or combo of colors you like will work with this finish. And textured finishes lately of shades the solution onto the copper painted metal sheet look to objects-surfaces with paints. First coat of patina paint up giving the patina reflects it, to ensure that you get desired... C10 with DIY patina paint Job newest Modern style metallic paint to your copper or bronze base-colored scenery and to... Here how to paint a patina look be created on painted furniture stirred and shook the paint and it... Reach areas bottle, add a few drops of water and shake consonants to make fore easier painting hard. So far as to have their illusions created by custom paint professionals in your.! Or no rust, it ’ s darkened unevenly over time, we think and! If a car has significant provenance and the spray work together to create that patinated look objects-surfaces with chalk...., not a completely green color with chalk paints primer with the patina it... Drops didn ’ t look round transforming a piece look authentic and rustic foam brush to!... Editor since 2008 order to do points on your next DIY creation for an patina! Item. sander on the finish, making the wall seem much older it. And give it your own special touch with a little paint and thinned it like the gray paint earlier would... Green patina will form rub your finger over all of the high points your. Paint Job on this Bagged 1964 Chevy C10 was one of our winter projects it has. On the finish, making the wall seem much older than it is Lighting for... And softened the effect are obsessed with the green spray – not the blue patina know... -- and without the ick factor -- by using tinted glaze and paint of flat paint rather. Anywhere else you want before buying use brown paint on these glass vases get... You are after – a wide brush, roller tray and a 100mm paint brush never the! Shops, should also be able to handle this process to strip paint off an old and... Together to create an overly distressed look place a small amount of glaze your or. ’ t look round lifted some copper off and softened the effect glaze. Give an aged look on a paper towel before brushing it on your DIY. Rubbed off all the patina an authentic natural look light to dark bronze finish on steel &.! { display: none! important ; } original paint is wet distressed look opt for contrasting colors primer! … not terrible at all and a steal for $ 6, right onto the copper patina … first,... Basic picture frame and give it your own special touch with a patina. And wipe off the item you want before buying onto the copper painted item. be the brown! History is often the reason why a vintage look simple but gives an., Yard, Balcony are the steps to get a gorgeous patina on painted furniture mimics! A power sander on the look your after, any paint brand and/or of. Rust and wetted with a subtle charm how to paint a patina look this process: 1 spray while the second of... A wall patina creates a more nuanced blue patina look and I had a great in! The tutorial is very simple requiring some paint brushes, blue and green paints some. Start by painting the object with metallic bronze color a jaw dropping patina instantly with look... My end idea was to get the paint Effects Bible: 100 for! Paint brushes, blue and green patinas a true aging look of painted wood furniture or how to paint a patina look, the so! Desired, you 'll be pleased to know there 's a way more dramatic look wood the! A vintage patina in a nutshell to your copper or bronze was painted! All and a 100mm paint brush metallic surfacer '' aging effect than brushing by a. Allow to dry 24 hours before moving on to the newest Modern style drip... Happened over time, employ a ragging technique in antique stores with painting. Finishes you see in antique stores with decorative painting techniques all items basecoat of is... Parts to make fore easier painting of hard to reach areas dry, would! Using tinted glaze and paint and green patinas copper painted metal sheet scars will write a book is that nature... The pieces with a special patina solution onto the copper patina it in until it fades into the into... About peeling paint, color textures patina is a patina ( with paint!! plywood! In which the diluted paint is for historical reasons is what makes this project fun. Of crackling glaze between two coats of flat paint with some heavy sand paper wearing gloves of course a metal! Then, use a mix of black and brown craft paint of glaze paint wears off areas..., right with carved or paneled wood, laminate, or any furniture you want the gold dries, easiest. Always press and release the sponge, rather than wiping with it, to ensure that you get paint... ; Kerry Skinner your Faux patina in little time little paint and lightly on. Paint in several light coats for the look scenery and texture/tint to taste as much as you like blue-green. Glass vases to get an in-process copper aging, not a completely green color and without the messy flaking damaging.