PLEASE NOTE: On delivery, please ensure that your seeds are not left sitting in a hot letter box for extended periods. Summer is here and planting chillies now will ensure a good crop before the colder months begin. 100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED. Seed germination 95% Chilli Chocolate. Advanced Trees – Trees grown to … Testimonials. I live just west of Melbourne, my plant is over 2m high and 3m wide, the parent plant is 2m x 5m. MELBOURNE METRO: $35 (Courier) COUNTRY VICTORIA: $40* (Australia Post) *Additional charges may apply when plants are over 1m or weigh more than 25kg in total. So we have got a limited amount of fresh chilli flesh available each week. We pride ourselves on providing customers with quality CHILLI seeds for sale, hot chilli sauces and chilli products, and believe personal service is the key to good business. Stunning indoor plant gifts delivered, gourmet herb hampers, succulents + water wise cactus gifts, planted terrariums, flowering plant gifts, lemon trees delivered, Same day plant gift delivery to Melbourne, Plant gift delivery to Sydney, Plant gift delivery to Brisbane It is a fiery hot chilli with underlying sweet citrus flavours. Bamboo – Plant deliveries are to Melbourne metro area only. Tall Hedging – Screening plants ranging from 2 metres or more. GST Add to cart; Cress, Lebanese plant Chilli Sauces. Plant Size: 60 - 90 cm tall Description: The FATALII RED is the African version of the Habanero chilli. Plant indoors in trays or pots and transplant outdoors once chilli plants are established. Chilli Growing Equipment. We are currently deseeding a variety of fresh chillies, we are harvesting the seeds for cropping. Mine is now 4 years old and is riddled with tiny purple bell flowers and developing green fruits, which will turn nearly black then red. A former world record holder, the Bhut Jolokia is super hot chilli that measures in at over 1 million Scoville Heat Units! Gift Certificates. 12/11/2018 Ravenswood Chilli Festival 24th November 2018 09/07/2018 Genuine Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper seeds back in stock! Chilli Preserves. Also known as the ‘ghost pepper’. At Exotic Chillies we have a small range of chilli products available to purchase online. Dried Chillies. Extreme Heat Products . ... Chilli, Habanero plant $ 5.50 incl. These will be shipped to your door step and ready for you to use. If you would like a delivery quote prior to ordering feel free to email us: Click here to … Cranberry, plant $ 19.80 $ 16.50 incl. We Buy, sell and trade all types of chilli seed & chilli related products. Fresh Chillies. The fruit are cone-shaped and upward growing, getting to about 3cms long. Loco is a hybrid chilli that is a wonderfully attractive plant, having dark green leaves and purple-fringed white flowers. Author: Tony Freeman 25 Jul 2014, 10:19 Superb customer service and product support, with rapid delivery and good prices. Menu Toggle. Beautiful plant gift hampers. I’ve been literally obsessed with growing chillies for fifteen years and my life has come to revolve around the growing season. Chilli Plants & Seedlings. The Loco chilli fruit change from a beautiful lilac purple to orange and then red as they mature. Trees – Plant deliveries are to Melbourne metro area only. Rocoto Tree Chilli. Its flavour and crispness also makes it a suitable chilli for salsa, salads, and sandwiches, or any dish were some fiery heat is desirable. Powdered Dried Chillies. Buy a range of Herb Plants at All Rare Herbs for great prices and great service. BUY OUR RANGE OF THE HOTTEST CHILLI SEEDS FOUND ALL OVER THE WORLD!! As low as A$8.00 I love everything about chilli plants from the moment their glossy little leaves break ground; watching them bush out and grow tall; the branching of the side-shoots heralding the onset of flowers and shiny little pods that slowly ripen to produce their deadly secret. Low Hedging – Screening plants below 2 metres. Ideal for making hot and fruity sauces. GST Read more; Chilli, Rocoto Manzano RED plant ... Sale! 19/03/2018 Knockout Ketchup back in stock!