In the month of October, summer comes to an end here, and winter spreads its icy fangs. October in Turkey marks an average of 16ºC, hence a summery autumn. Odds are you will find some of the best fall weather in the United States and Canada: For those who are just learning, head to Mera Peak or Island Peak. This is the first month since March when you will start getting some really good hotel rates, even in the most famous cities. Like the La Digue island, almost like a dragonfly caught in amber, preserved in time. one of the most beautiful regions in France. It has nothing to envy to Paris and  autumn is an ideal It is a land of yaks, mountains, yetis and monasteries, know as the only country that accepts Hinduism as its state religion. But the untouched, pristine beaches take your breath away. Bhutan is the kind of country that measures it growth not by GDP but by GNH (Gross National Happiness). Kids are in school, so you're unlikely to encounter the hordes of family travelers who fill popular destinations during summer vacation time. Book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse at the best price in Bilbao for a By Laura Fowler and Laura Chubb. Discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Braga is a city of huge beauty and heritage richness. September, October and November, the extremely hot temperatures cool down which makes the Mediterranean city a different kind of “cool” concept and one of the best places to travel in October, when other places are too cold. Adventure junkies can charter junk boats to sail or go hiking to the Dragon’s Back. It is not the best known of the cities of Belgium and yet it is certainly one of For tourists travelling from India you have a whole range of options for airlines, namely, Air India, Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Air France, British Airways and Singapore Airlines. Victoria is home to the most important International Airport of Seychelles - Seychelles International. A trip to this country is bound to be an eclectic mix of ancient history, architecture that has survived time, beaches that make you go swooning, churches with bells and towers and of course, FOOTBALL. exceptional stay in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. Here's our list of best countries to visit in October, Photograph by,-croatia), Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Photograph by, Find The Best Travel Packages From Top Travel Agents. Utah university board votes to drop 'Dixie' from name after recent grads worried it affected job prospects. Where to travel? October becomes a beautiful month to explore the wonders of Italy, with summer trailing into a cool autumn. Salem is the perfect vacation destination for spooky Halloween fun. The country is home to many beaches, coral reefs and natural reserves, including rare animals like the giant Aldabra tortoises. Take your pick from our selection of the best destinations to visit in autumn and send us your photos via social networks! Porto is a sublime city to be discovered at all seasons of the year. Milan is the hub of Italian culture, music, media & sports. Although Israel is labeled a hot desert country, fall in Tel Aviv is curating a different story. Shek O beach, Repulse Bay, Stanley and Tai Long Wan are some relaxing beaches. If you are not in Nepal to conquer Everest, then you are sure here to trek up smaller peaks, or at least hike up walking trails. But what redeems this fact is the brilliant shower of Northern Lights that you can see in the skies at this time, quite easily, we must add. Go south of Sicily and east of Tunisia to find the little Mediterranean archipelago of Malta. 5-star stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Santorini always looks like a great destination. Also worth exploring is the Topkapı Palace, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Grand bazars in the old market and Spice bazar selling exotic spices, dried fruits, nuts, ethnic jewellery, souvenirs and the famous Turkish coffee. You can also go bird watching, ideally to Phobjikha Valley, Bumthang, Bomdeling, Trongsa, Tingtibi and Punakha. Autumn is Go sightseeing in the capital of France - Paris; from the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum to Notre Dame and the Palace of Versailles, there is just too much history and heritage from centuries to reap here. UPDATED: This article was originally published in July 2018. 2. world favourite destinations. As the nights are beginning to draw closer and the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, it can really put a downer on your mood. Mauritius is a gorgeous beach paradise, a small island nation perched in the Indian Ocean, renowned world over for its pristine sands, cobalt blue waters and luxury beach resorts. The roads are also pretty good if you want to take the bus or hire a car. European countries, namely Spain and France ply regular buses as well as trains to Portugal.