Move aside Lee Priest, we’ve found an even more insane transformation! im shooting for a year cut so we'll see. ive been on a 5 month cut. But when you see yourself in the mirror with a fat belly instead of flat … ... but build the muscle and confidence to become a competitive powerlifter! started 265lb, down to 209lb...goal is to be 190 lean while retaining muscle. Body Transformation: An Adaptive Chris Ruden Perseveres. He participated in and won’s annual 12-week fitness competition called the ‘$100,000 Transformation Challenge’. Specifically, to men growing larger, bulkier, gaining weight, growing more muscular, or becoming more bearish. Display # Filter. It’s a very rewarding job, and it feels great to take someone and turn them into their best self. She says her transformation took place when she started to embrace her curves, love eating guilt-free again and making her body as strong and healthy as she can. Pat 'Passquale' Brocco started his transformation journey by walking to the store. Matt transformed by dropping 40 pounds, which led to a $50,000 grand prize win. This gave me hope that change was possible for me as well. My name is Dr. Perry Noya, editor-in-chief of the bi-wheneverly newspaper, The Weakly Gazelle Many of you are surely wondering why an update to the Transformation Story Archive has been so long in coming. As I’ve discussed before, I’m a gym instructor. In fact, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Let’s kick off our list with Matt Manning. Dorian Yates, Britain’s best bodybuilder, was clearly not genetically designed for bodybuilding. Hello, all. In this transformation pic, Erin Beth says she was undereating, was too self critical and didn’t feel good in her own skin. View these amazing muscle gain and fat loss transformation stories. I asked him […] Skunk. A great transformation, but Ronnie looks like he could walk into most bodybuilding competitions in his “before” photo! 2012 is something im definitely looking forward too. Matthew Riggs, a 33-year-old IT worker from Essex, knows all too well the pain that losing a father can cause. great stuff guys.. there was some definitely notable transformations on that last page of the old thread..keep up the good work. View these amazing muscle gain and fat loss transformation stories. I am not J.T. Dorian Yates – Before & After. It’s easy to forget about the harmful effects of junk food when you eat it. provided a single source for me to research nutrition plans, learn different exercises, and be inspired by transformation stories. He finished over 300 pounds lighter. A little while back, I walked into the dressing room after another shift when I saw a teen sitting with his hands in his hair. The archive is an assortment gay male transformation fiction. SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES. Welcome to the TSA. Sir Nathan 7 2020-11-18 13:35:42 Filters. Dor Eckstein: Guiding People to Proper Body Transformation - The San Francisco Examiner - Wire Service. Largest collection of male and female body transformations online!