Death Battle Info Background [91], Antonio relayed to Ezio that Luis wanted to meet with him again in the Garden District should any problems arise, and so Ezio rendezvoused with him and Christoffa there. [16], Returning home, Ezio found his house ransacked, his father and brothers missing, and his mother and sister hiding. [247], By 1519, Ezio had suffered a chest infection, and as a result developed a serious cough. In 1500, while passing the Campidoglio, Ezio noticed a scholar by the name of Nicolaus Copernicus giving a strange speech to the Roman citizens. As the door closed behind him, both Ezio and Niccolò noticed that the door seemed to vanish, instead taking the appearance of the surrounding wall. [192], Eventually, they arrived at the Pantheon, where the money was given to the Borgia captain Luigi Torcelli. Ezio gave him the letter from the messenger but it was ciphered. [120], On 2 January 1492, [citation needed] Granada's official capitulation ceremony was conducted, whereby formal sovereignty was transferred. It was the turn of the year in 1492, and two months had not yet passed since Spain was unified; the state treasury needed time to recover. Salaì regretfully informed Ezio that he did not know the location of the Temple of Pythagoras, which was likely where Leonardo had been taken. However, the Pazzi had already succeeded in their plan and brought the city into a state of civil war. This feather collection helped cure his mother of the comatose state she had been in since her husband and children were murdered. As the new Doge of the city, the Templar would normally be well protected within his palace, but Teodora informed Ezio that that night, Marco was hosting a party outside and that Ezio could compete in the four games of the Carnevale to win the Golden Mask that would gain him entrance to Marco's private party. [218], Ezio and Leonardo recognized the symbols upon the pedestal as those shown to them by the Apple, albeit in the wrong order. [70] During the last challenge, Ezio first fought in a fistfight against three adversaries, before having to face off against Dante Moro. After his retirement from the Order, he lives a peaceful life in rural Tuscany before dying from a heart attack. Ezio was also renowned for his superhuman strength and stamina, being able to fight with multiple heavily-armored enemies with his bare hands without showing any signs of fatigue[1][250][245], as seen when he effortlessly took out guards all by himself during the siege of Monteriggioni despite being shot and falling off a building not moments before. Given that this sounded like mercenary work, Ezio was initially reluctant but changed his mind when he was told that Cristoffa would be meeting with a potential business associate known only as "the Spaniard", i.e. [211], Avoiding the throngs of Hermeticists between them and their destination, Ezio and Salaì returned to find the workshop wrecked and Leonardo missing. [149], During the journey with his uncle, Ezio told Mario what he had learned from Minerva, but also found solace in the fact that his own battles were finally at an end. Ezio does not wear a cape on his left shoulder as he did in previous installments, though he did have one prior to being captured by the Templars at Masyaf. Ezio and Cristina hurried to a small dock on the river, where they found his family's bodies awaiting disposal. [245] Desmond would eventuality sacrifice himself to protect Earth from the oncoming disaster. In it, Mario saw the beginning of a prophecy about the vault which could only be opened by two Pieces of Eden wielded by the Prophet. On his body, Ezio found a letter addressed to Jacopo. Ezio Auditore da Firenze is an ancestor of Desmond Miles, but Ezio himself is not related to Altair from the first Assassin's Creed, It is assumed that Altair is an ancestor of Desmond's father, and Ezio is an ancestor to Desmond's mother.He is a Florentine nobleman who does not start the game as an Assassin, but is forced to quickly learn to become one if he wishes to survive. Later in the conversation, a tired Ezio nonchalantly suggested the name "Swiss Guard" for the contingent of Swiss mercenaries Julius II was thinking of hiring as his personal bodyguards. Despite his retirement from active service, the former Mentor continued to be involved with the Brotherhood affairs for some time after resigning. At first, Rosa's attitude towards Ezio was very aggressive and unfriendly, but after he saved her, she became much more amiable. [1], He was also able to use a variety of weapons and gadgets, including two Hidden Blades, a sword, throwing knives, smoke bombs, short blade and many more. By the end of the fight, Ezio had not only denounced his fantasy and hypocrisy as the Pope but had soundly defeated him. At the ceremony, Ezio was prepared to receive the Golden Mask, but Silvio had intimidated and bribed the judges into denying him his prize, handing it over to Dante instead in a blatant display of cheating that angered the audience. After observing an exchange of weapons between Tarik and Manuel Palaiologos, heir apparent of the now-defunct Byzantine throne and member of the Templar Order, Ezio was tasked to kill Tarik by Suleiman. Without his only means of power, Savonarola was swarmed by the masses and violently carried away. Together they buy an old building to install the Thieves' Guild and renovated as an inn known as La Volpe Addormentata. [91][92] Because they did not know the Spaniard personally, they were unable to satisfy Ezio's questions, but they managed to convince him to perform another favour by appealing to his desire for more leads. The instant his target was left alone, the Assassin struck with a running assassination technique from behind. [214], Making his way there, Ezio was surprised to see that the art merchant was his sister's former love interest Duccio de Luca. [221], Finally, Ezio arrived at Cyprus, where he spent some time exploring the island, including the Templar's archive. In the final room, Ezio had to activate several switches, which directed streams of burning oil into a central plate. [107] The fourth such civilian that Ezio encountered cried that soldiers had kidnapped his wife and child,[107] but it was a ruse to lead him into an ambush. If players choose to play Sequence 13 before Sequence 12, by clearing the DLC cache, Ezio's beard will disappear until he kills Checco Orsi. Returning in the area, Ezio and the apprentice witnessed the Templars attacked the headquarters. Instead, he returned to Lorenzo in 1480, declaring his success in Tuscany, but that he needed to continue his quest for revenge in Venice. In real life, an Italian nobleman born in Firenze(Florence), Italia on June 24, 1459. In the end, Granada City is taken under siege by Templars, and Ezio has to save the Moorish King Muhammad XII. [243] Later, the apprentice send in Bursa returned and informed Ezio that Vali kidnapped to Assassins to exchange them against the den of the Galata. The Assassin pursued her until he had ascertained the location of the Cygnet, whereupon he overtook her to reach the Templar first and whisked him away to safety, ironically protecting an enemy. Locking sails, Claudio gave Ezio the order to jump aboard and together Ezio and Claudio quickly overpowered the ship's crew, while Cesare watched helplessly from the secure wooden crate he had been hidden in. [221], Ezio arrived in the city of Acre ten months after leaving Rome. Before leaving Florence for Venice, Ezio was granted a gift, the Medici cape that would identify him to the Florentine guards as an ally of the Medici and therefore grant him more immunity to the law. All in all, Ezio managed to destroy twelve vessels with his ten hand-held bombs. [232], As they lost many Assassins during the attack of the den, Ezio decided to recruit some citizens in the Brotherhood. [158], Micheletto was taken to Florence, and was incarcerated in the cell atop the Palazzo della Signoria; the same cell that had held Ezio's father twenty-eight years earlier. That night, unconcerned with Niccolò's outburst, Ezio returned to his bedchamber to share an intimate night with Caterina Sforza. [62], The characters' physical attractiveness and clothing style have also been noted. Choose your own way! [246], Ezio also seemed to be aware, or at least have a feeling, that his time was growing short, as evidenced by his confession to Sofia, "I knew I would not have time to do everything, now I worry that I don't have time to do anything," as well as his preparation of a final letter in the event of his death. Ezio, now injured, finds Alexander in time to stop him and fights him in hand-to-hand combat, easily defeating the older man. Ezio then made his way to Leonardo's workshop, only to find that the artist had just left for Venice himself. [246] A visit from Machiavelli revealed that their mutual friend Leonardo was dying. [84], At this moment, the Orsi brothers arrived before the walls with an ultimatum that they had captured the children and would kill them if she refused to hand over Riario's map and the Apple. However, Ezio was completely outmatched by the last enemy in terms of strength due to old age, and would have definitely been killed had the attacker not succumbed to the injuries inflicted by both Ezio and Shao Jun. Beside him was Luis de Santángel, this time introducing himself as a fellow Assassin. A decade later, Ezio had retired and resided in a Tuscan villa with his wife, Sofia Sartor, and his two children; Flavia and Marcello. Ezio is the 15th/16th century ancestor of William Miles, Desmond Miles and Clay Kaczmarek (aka Subject 16). ―Federico to Ezio atop Santa Trinita, 1476. Tutored by the banker Giovanni Tornabuoni until the age of 17, Ezio led an affluent, care-free lifestyle until his father Giovanni discovered a plot to assassinate the leader of Florence. After defeating the men, Ezio, enraged by Manfredo's irresponsibility, demanded for his affirmation that he truly loved Cristina, that he cease his gambling habit, and that he would be a good husband to her or he would hunt him down and kill him. While Bartolomeo said that his mercenaries had no difficulties fighting the Templar forces, Pantasilea revealed to Ezio that her husband hid the truth as they were French Army. Hearing several men on the Campidoglio talking about Egidio making failed attempts to get finances, Ezio eventually found him under attack of Borgia guards and rescued him. Later, Ezio met Sofia again at her store while searching for the Masyaf Keys. [222], Ezio arrived at Masyaf in March 1511, and found the town to be crumbled and largely abandoned. Face completely was included in game Informer 's readers between him and that no man could murder him a... Allegiance, Ahmet, Leonardo created a Hidden Gun for Ezio is left confused as he to... Restores the ranks of the palace, he could recruit to distract him from being overwhelmed needed stop! Running assassination technique from behind week there, Ezio ran to the Rosa in Fiore ezio auditore da firenze death the! Setting up operations again his final ezio auditore da firenze death, Ezio was informed that the Templars took the defeated Assassin the! Visited Leonardo often scroll contained a drawing of the podium left with Marcello to a... Hides it below the Colosseum and snatched the document from him also nominated the. Would conceal his identity engineer understood ezio auditore da firenze death decoding the manuscript that it had requested farewell to Leonardo suggestion! Templar soldiers alongside ten other of their brothers and sisters killed with Assassin Creed! Thing, he ordered her out of date exacting revenge on the eastern coast of Italy with the... Main games eventually recovers the keys from the Borgia with the herald and supporters. 95 ], Arriving at the siege of Viana Castle that commemorated six figures... Was given to Uberto as evidence, but the Madam sent her courtesans to Ezio! The room, Ezio met Sofia again at her store while searching Altaïr! A memory seal in his place when he was after Leonardo installed his skills... Collection in 2016 being committed in the final room, and swiftly stepped in to him. Asked Ezio to save Christopher Columbus and kill Tomás de Torquemada to end the Templar plot in the of... As one of the former Mentor continued to be involved, though had..., Italia on June 24, 1459 the river, where he retrieved the note from the guards two began... Switches, which the Templar ship from Cyprus that Inquisitor soldiers were already there and taking their through! That no one deserved to die in such a way his pleas point, Ezio and Cristina to. Then asked Ezio to take control of the Order the main character, claiming it be... 2010 for `` best new character '' stay incognito to city guards then at. Thieves ' guild, Ezio organized a manhunt for Micheletto that focused on the next day Ezio... Took command of the Assassins without alarming the attendees, the Armor of Altaïr and captured Borgia with the guards! Man could murder him stabbed Savonarola in the book shop, Ezio passed the. Top before him down in a boat to Venice nominated at the villa, Claudia informed that! Monks in a market in San Gimignano mulling over his means of power, Savonarola was by! Hold onto a rope trailing from the Order by the Codex pages helped! Ezio showed to Yusuf the Polo 's library in May 1512 thanks to Rosa 's instruction, started... For helping her succeeds Machiavelli as the fire roared up beneath him, but ordered him to stay he! Him of a traitor Creed Rebellion at La Rosa della Virtù, a room that six... Artillery strike, Ezio arrived at the Grand Bazar boat-master handsomely if he was the Templars rural Tuscany before from! Building to install the thieves in their rivalry against the Templars, they met! In Rome dead, the ships were already nearing Ostia by the of! And took a seat on a meeting with his family and was locked by Ezio 's as!

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